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With more than 10 years of experience in IPTV, MiceTV.Asia provides award winning service to our clients. Our team of a-dozen IPTV professionals will help provide rich media communication and  webcasting services that

Expand Your Reach
Reduce Your Costs
Improve Your Productivity

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Webcasting is worth millions! Webcasting is helping leading-edge companies to achieve their marketing, training and communication goals. All for less time and money than traditional media.

What Is Webcasting Anyway? 
Webcasting is the transmission of live or prerecorded audio or video over the Internet. It is a powerful and highly interactive medium that lets you engage hundreds or millions - of people anywhere, anytime, with your message. Through advances in technology, webcasting is more accessible and reliable than ever.

Participating in your webcast is easy. All your target audience needs is a sound-enabled computer, a streaming media player (such as RealNetworks RealPlayer or Microsoft Windows Media Player) and a dial-up or broadband connection to the Internet.

Webcasting is:

Flexible: From simple audiocasts to worldwide events. Scalable for any purpose, presentation or audience.

Dynamic: Interactive and engaging. Puts minds into motion.

Cost-effective: Less time, less money, less hassle.

Measurable: Justify investments and quantify results with precise measurement tools.

Immediate: Webcast live or on-demand. Archive for use anytime.

Why Webcasting Works! 
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then webcasting is worth millions! Webcasting harnesses the full power of the Internet to boost the effect and the efficiency of your business communications

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